Cirque Royal

“Planet earth about to be recycled. your only chance to survive: leave with us”

With this fatalistic mantra Cirque Royal introduce their world removed debut album “We Come In Peace”.

These four guys from Konstanz open pandora’s box and send their listeners at light speed on a conscious-broadening trip into hifi nirvana. Throughout their ten diverse “Space Pop” tracks, Cirque Royal tear down unnecessary genre limits, manipulating delay, pressure and dynamics with ease and swaying between fever dream and tragically comic reality.

Their sound plane moving in celestial spheres, Cirque Royal seek confrontation with basic existentialistic experiences in this post globalised world. Rather than falling into the pathos trap or to raise the moral middle finger with their grim sense of humour, they dissect the human emotional scale on the dark side of power: alienation, loss of control, Kafka, paranoia, heart crap, Kinski and escape fantasies. “Is this how we run these days?”

Kurt Ebelhäuser of Blackmail, in the Ground Control of this notoriously famous sound studio, had all the right feelers, producing “We Come in Peace”. His offer to produce this album attested once again his unmistakable instinct for credible guitar music out of German regions.

Under Ebelhäuser’s experienced guidance, Cirque Royal have managed to transfer their ambitious cosmos ideas in facet rich and ambivalent sound worlds. “We Come In Peace” refuses to be placed into the softened “Indie” pigeonhole, the listener is swept along as they dance in the ruins with closed eyes.
“Does anybody listen? Does anybody care?”