Das W

1988. George H. W. Bush becomes the 41st president of the United States of America, the people marvel at a total solar eclipse in the west pacific, the first real computer worm cripples 10 % of the Internet and a little boy changes his parents’ lives in a small delivery room in Bayreuth.

1997. Something important happens, from which the german rap scene will benefit a lot in future. The Munich group “Blumentopf” publishes its first album and from then on Max is under the spell of German hip hop.

2004. The thing gets going. Max starts to freestyle with his friends and first lyrics fuse with music.

Under the name “Royal Agent”, he starts to battle in the rhyme league und publishes the LP “Dem Tod so nah” in his circle of friends.

He founds the group “Weakend Session” with Niko (Sorgenkind) and they release 3 LPs and 2 samplers within the next few years.

After five successful years they concentrate more and more on their solo projects.

2009. He wins with “Tschüss ab heute bin ich Digimonmeister” and “Fuck” the award “Track of the Month” and with the first one mentioned even the award “Track of the Year 2009” by the Internet platform Rappers.in.

2013. The world is finally looking forward to the new album “Beten und Schrein”.