Fat Belly

Whoever thought that to listen to the finest Melodic Punkrock you would have to travel to Scandinavia or across the big pond to America, is about to be proved wrong: Fat Belly come from Hanover.

You heard it here first; the little town on the river Leine has to offer more than the Masch pond, a few colourful hippos and an average soccer club! Initially started in 2005 just to hang around with friends in the rehearsal room and copy their idols, the quintet have been touring ever since.

And it’s been nothing but full power! The first EP is long sold out and the debut album produced by Jenzzz Gallmeyer (Terry Hoax, Gigantor) “Turn the Amplifiers On” was released in 2009, enthusiastically received by fans and the press alike.

Now to the second album, which is known to be the most difficult one (so the pro’s joke). Such claim is pulled off by Fat Belly with a simple and efficient statement “Ready to Rock”.

“Set the Flag” made its way in February 2012 via intono records/Rough Trade into the music stores and hits right into the gut. Stylish, straight punkrock with attitude, that can’t do without movement. An album that suits perfectly the energetic Fat Belly stage show. Those that had the opportunity to attend one of the 300 performances know what is meant.

As the butt has been worn out, now it´s up to the hip bones. Irrespective of audience numbers, whether thousands or just a few round the corner at Juzi, is of no relevance to the Band. Fat Belly are fun. They use genre-clichés as they fancy and feel one with the crowd. No wonder, each concert ends with a party.