It has been more than 8 years since the Grailknights first entered the metal scene, and their mélange of diverse metal styles, which may be called Superherometal, has secured them a standout reputation. More than 120 clubshows (including a 3-week tour across Europe with the Swedish band Sabaton) and several festival appearances are proof of the insatiable thirst for victory of the 5 knights.

To see the Grailknights on stage is far beyond what can be imagined in a regular metal show: The 5 young knights actively involve their fans – the Battlechoir – on a quest for the Holy Grail. One can hear their battle cries again and again during the battle for the Holy Grail, which gets snitched by the evil Dr. Skull at the beginning of each and every show (or should we say battle).

To regain control of the almighty chalice, the armored knights (superhero capes and muscles are a given at any show) are supported by their beer-supplying steed “Beer Beauty”. In simple words: Grailknights shows are special and unforgettable events.