Grailknights – Calling the Choir


The Grailknights first entered the metal scene, and their mélange of diverse metal styles, which may be called “Superherometal”, has secured them a standout reputation.

Eleven heroic hymns tell the story of “Good against Evil”, but also reflective and critical topics are touched upon. The vast variety of the lyrics is being mirrored in the music.

Calling the Choir offers the listener a melodic display of fireworks which will be of utmost pleasure to the ear cup. Impellent rhythms meet virtuous six-string melodies, bloodcurdling shoutings are displayed together with clean vocals, male choir singing and war chants round this enjoyable longplayer off.

Sir Optimus Prime shows off the amazing scope of his singing skills and presents jointly with his four knights Earl Quake, Sovereign Storm, Count Cranium and Lord Drumcules just how multifaceted a metal album can be.