kollektiv22 – that’s how the 7 Rock-Pop-Poets from Hamburg, having gotten to know and to love each other over a year ago, call themselves. They soon noticed that there was the same understanding and feeling for music inside of them and already after the first meetings, they developed and found their own style of music. They call it a “musical ratatouille”.

Admittedly, at the very first moment it may sound weird that a band is called „kollektiv22“ and compares its sound with a „ratatouille“. But actually this description fits extremely well, since their music is like a variegated composition of music styles: Folk, Soul, Pop, Reggae, Rock and Hip Hop are matched with lyrical texts in German, English and French. At times they sing, than they rap. And just when you think, the surprises are over, there comes a mandolin around the corner.

Their debut album „geschichten ohne versmaß“ being released in 2014 was produced by Ralf Mayer (Cro, Clueso, Fanta 4, Xavier Naidoo).

Their on stage qualities were not only given proof by supporting Jupiter Jones, Lenka or Liedfett, but also by various street concerts in the Hamburg Schanzenviertel or at divers festivals, such as the Greenville, Dockville or the Reeperbahnfestival. Their singer/songwriter style is a beautiful mixture of English and German texts, which they join with lyrical rap melodies.

In fact, „Kollektiv“ stands not at all “just” for music, but for many other ways of art. Some of the boys try not only with their band to reach an audience, but bring the most different artists in and write texts, pieces, poems, act in theaters and also film for cinema, television or short films – with a steadily growing success.