kollektiv22 – geschichten ohne versmaß

Releasedatum: 13.06.2014

7 rock pop poets from Hamburg take off with their debut and could instantly win over Ralf Mayer (amongst others: Cro, Clueso, Fanta 4, Xavier Naidoo) as producer:

Cast off!

Admittedly, at the very first moment it may sound kind of weird that a band is called „kollektiv22“ and compares its sound with a „ratatouille“.

But actually this description fits extremely well, since their music is like a variegated composition of music styles: Folk, Soul, Pop, Reggae, Rock and Hip Hop are matched with lyrical texts in German, English and French.

At times they sing, than they rap. And just when you think, the surprises are over, there comes a mandolin around the corner.

For more Information visit www.kollektiv22.de.