Leine zum Quadrat Festival

From the 6.12.2013 on, a new festival series takes place in Hanover – it is called Leine zum Quadrat and it is going to take place in the Musikzentrum Hannover.

Das W, convinces with his program off melancholic, but still very funny lyrics and often manages to put everyone under his music’s spell in a short time. In the end, there is just praying & crying left.

Rec-Z, who has been popular in Hanover latest since his album Kolibri, presents himself live with a mixture of DJ & band. With his colleagues B-Chris, DJ Trackatteasy & the band Mad Diary he brings a mixture off rock & rap.

Kico & Pimf, who have gotten well-known because of the online battle competition VBT by rappers.in. However, both of them show with classy songs such as “Jung & Alt” (Young & Old) that they have much going for besides the battle lyrics, which are more like “In the face songs”. After gigs at the Splash!, the VBT tour and as support acts from artists like Damion Davis and Gerard, they have made a name for themselves in the HipHop area and present a classic stage show with DJ.

Besides, ISSO, SMO, Simply Cat, Veus, Serious-M, Luke, Shliiwa and Grinch & Ceo are going to fill the evening programme.

Rap-T, the Hildesheim HipHop head is going to host the whole thing and will put the heat on the spectators! Subsequent, a small aftershow party with DJ Trackatteasy is going to take place. The Bespoke DJ is going to set the audience on fire with a mix of old- & newschool.