Who is (actually) this Rec-Z?

Definitely he is a perfectionist, when it comes to his art.
As he is already known by insiders, he opens up to a greater audience.
His listeners show him that his perfectionism is worth it.
Each beat, each track, each line stands for his individuality,
because he makes „no typical rap“.

Born in a village of 1000 souls near Hanover, he explores his passion for music at the age of 14 thanks to his friends.
His primarily experimentation with beat programs, recording software and microphones quickly emerge as something more:
EP´s, Mixtapes and the VBT.

Since his first recording, he always retains control about the end product of his music:
individual texts, independent recording and proper dubbing of his songs.
His own sound.

He increasingly gains experience, especially regarding his live performances..
But there’s even more for him.

In 2010, he moves from Hanover to Oldenburg and starts to study there.
But in the foreground, the passion for music always stays.
From the conviction that his art has gotten mature by now grows the idea of a first saleable solo album.
On January 31th 2013, this idea becomes a reality.