The Black Sheep – Politics


Four women. Lots of power. Complete sympathy.

The second LP „Politics“ reveals neatly and fancily – really good pop-rock doesn’t necessarily have to come from Sweden and they also really don’t have to be afraid of any male competition..

„Politics“ continues where the multifaceted debut album ended and even ups the ante.

The Black Sheep recorded their eleven emotional songs in the fantastic Level3-Studio in Essen with Dominic Paraskevopoulos, who has already produced numerous band like Caliban or Kreator and who could create a guitar wall with guitarist Johanna, which doesn’t seem false at all.

Songs like „Leaders of the World“ or „Do or Die“ come along with the usual power of sound like those of the rock hit „You can’t push me“ from their first album – spiced with the adult complexity of the arrangements and it will draw on the listener with attention to detail.

On the other hand while listening to the personal acoustic ballad „Fireless“ you could hear a pin drop. And even the album’s only cover song „Motorcyle Emptiness“ from 1992 by the Manic Street Preachers fits in perfectly in the overall picture of the band whose members were partially still bottle-fed at that time.

But especially the song „Politics“, which the album owes his name to, bristles with emotionality and positive melancholy thanks to its acoustically touched style and an impressive arrangement of strings.

So why say another word about it? If you hear it, you won’t come around wanting to have the new disc in your hands. Missing it is your own fault!