Your Army – Sicker Than Us

Release Date: 20.03.2015

YOUR ARMY have been an inherent part of Indie Rock since their debut album „Ignite“ (2013) and their sound can compete with known musicians like SKUNK ANANSIE, FLYLEAF, GUANO APES or PARAMORE.

The second album „Sicker Than Us“ of the four English from Brighton will be released on 20.03.2015 and will be produced by Ace, who is a founder member of SKUNK ANANSIE and has already enriched the last album with his musical knowledge and his passion for catchy riffs with brute energy. The recipe for good and catchy indie rock is constantly being improved as well. Just as on the predecessor, they relinquish synthesizers and similar gimmickry and present clear, solid guitar rock. For the second time, the long experience of the SKUNK ANANSIE guitarist and songwriter Ace supports the already greatly existent creativity of the four English. Together they go quit, melodic ways but also rocking and dirty paths, which will lead the listener to extraordinary and new musical places. This journey is crowned with the emotional and rousing voice of power woman Lucy.

On 20.03.2015, the way of indie rock will get a new milestone. The second album of the British musicians YOUR ARMY is titled „Sicker Than Us“ and relies on expressive powerful sounds. This is carried by the characteristical voice of singer Lucy on the one hand and on the other hand supported by the creativity of their producer Ace and the musical skills of Chris (guitar), Simon (bass) and Andy (drums).